“I probably spend 4 hours a day on my computer, but my smartphone is with me all day” says Scott Masciello, a general contractor from Long Island, New York (and a Spotfront beta user). Scott is part of a growing number of small business owners that are choosing mobile tools over desktop applications to more effectively manage various functional aspects of their business. In a world of “mobile-first” startups, this development may seem trivial, but to companies seeking to build SMB-focused products, the shift points to a subtle but profound trend – the rise of real SMB self-service applications. 

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The supply side of the online advertising ecosystem is becoming increasingly fragmented and diverse. Used to be that advertising via “online publishers” just meant plugging keywords into Yahoo, Google, or Microsoft and running search ads. As recently as 2010 things hadn’t really changed too much, except that Google and Microsoft now had things called “ad servers” that allowed them to own the advertising rights to massive networks of websites (and associated “ad networks” or “ad exchanges”). I’ve had the pleasure of participating in a wave of technological innovation for the past few years, in which massive groups of startups and investors sought new ways to challenge this status quo and get in on a piece of the action. Read the rest of this entry »

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Hi folks, Spotfront is hiring a tech intern for the Fall, so if you know any young developers looking to gain some hands-on experience, let us know! (there is a referral bonus btw)

Job description below:

What is Spotfront:

Spotfront is a mobile application that is revolutionizing local advertising for small business. Our team previously built complex advertising technology for major Fortune 500 advertisers and is currently focused on making that technology available to the real growth engine of our economy – small local businesses. Our objective is to change local advertising from a stale web-based process into a dynamic mobile-based conversation between small business and their customers.

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I’ve been a wee bit behind on these posts for the past few months while getting my next project off the ground, but today we FINALLY launched the website for Spotfront, a small business application that makes hyperlocal display advertising accessible to anyone.


Feel free to swing by our beta site and take a look – we are pretty damn excited. Lots more to come very soon!